Teachers and Educators

My Little Treehouse will be employing qualified Directors and Educators to ensure each day at our centre is a positive experience for each child and their families.

We aim to provide a happy, secure environment for your child, offering positive support and respect for each individual.

The environment will be accessible to all individuals and be inclusive of developmental needs and interests.

Our play based programs will allow for active learning where children are able to construct knowledge that helps them make sense of their world, while enhancing the opportunities for children to experience Belonging, Being and Becoming and My Time, Our Place for school aged children.

Each room at My Little Treehouse will have a qualified Educator and assistant educator as per regulations, who contribute their own abilities and interests to the program and centre environment. The foundation of our program is The Early Years Quality Framework and aspects of High Scope.

Our centre will support the continuity of professional development of our educators with regular workshops and training supplied in a range of different topics specific to Early Childhood Education and Care.


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