How much will it cost?

The amount that you pay will depend on your eligibility to claim Childcare Benefit (CCB) or Childcare rebate. To enquire further please fill out the Enrolment enquiry form notifying the number of days and what type of care you are requiring.

For more information regarding Registering with Centrelink and to obtain all relevant CRN numbers please access the family assistance office web site (www.familyassist.gov.au) or call them on 13 6150.

The Childcare Centre plays no role in the CCB calculation. It is the family’s responsibility to notify Centrelink in the event of a change in family circumstances or income. For more information access the My Child website: www.mychild.gov.au Please contact the centre’s for additional information.

Will you be offering before and After School Care and Vacation Care?

Yes. My Little Treehouse will be offering Before and After School Care to local Primary Schools.

What will be the Centre’s operating Hours?

My Little Treehouse will operate Monday to Friday from 6.30am to 6.30pm 52 weeks per year, excluding Public Holidays.

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